Power of Citrus Based Cleaner: FAQs and Testimonials


Citrus Based Cleaner is safe for use with almost any surface – the exceptions are anything that you should not put water on and materials that are not colour fast. We don't recommend using Citrus Based Cleaner on opals, pearls, silk and suede.


What people are saying about Citrus Based Cleaner:

  • “We have used Citrus Based Cleaner for over 2 years now. Find it really good for the benches, tables, any messy spills. Great for the ovens, inside and out. We also use it for cleaning the windows. Smells fresh and is a very versatile cleaner.”
    - Nadine, Subway, Albany

  • “I have been using Citrus Based Cleaner for 6 years. It is fantastic. I love it because it WORKS! It is the most effective carpet cleaner I have used. I spilt red wine on my new carpet and it removed it straight away leaving no marks. I have an older dog who sometimes has accidents, and the Citrus Based Cleaner works fabulous cleaning up after his mess. I use Citrus on everything. I highly recommend it to others.”
    - Lyn Brown, Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast

  • “We have been using Citrus Cleaner for many years. We find it very effective in the bathroom (toilet, vanities, shower) and we also add a little to the water to clean the floors. It cleans and adds a little sheen to the wooden planking. We are very happy with this product and it smells great too!”
    - Sally, Settlers Motel

  • “We have been using the product for 10 years. We love the product because it is so versatile. I love it for removing stains from clothes. I have removed red wine from my carpet and use it for spot cleaning stains from my rugs. Citrus Based Cleaner is biodegradable so it does not hurt the environment when going down my drains. We love it!”
    - Sharon Nichols, North Shore City

  • “We have been using Citrus Based Cleaner for 7 - 8 years. Fantastic for spot cleaning on bedspreads, curtains, carpets. We also found it worked well on cleaning the bar, hard floors, and the windows. Really good, as it saves on buying a lot of different products. Citrus Based Cleaner is multi purpose - one product does it all for us.”
    - Colleen, Masonic Hotel

  • “Here at City Steel and Engineering we are always in the muck.
    The whole team here have found the Citrus Hand Job cleaner to be the most effective hand cleaner we have tried to date.

    Being a manger I am constantly having to wash my hands to deal with paperwork, meeting and customers. I have suffered from dry hands in the past especially during the winter months, to the point my knuckles would start to open and bleed and times.

    Well this last winter this has not happened at all!! I put this down to the non-aggressive cleaner power of Citrus Hand Job.”
    - Daniel Lincoln, Manager

  • “I use Citrus Based Cleaner on our showers and love it!! It is awesome as showers are one of the hardest things to keep clean and we find CBC works the best.”
    - Marion, Owner-Gateway Motel

  • “I get such prompt and friendly service with this company. I just love the cleaner and use it for everything. I don't buy any other cleaners. It is great value for money as lasts a long time.”
    - A Forrest

  • “I had two white shirts with grease on them, I used everything to try and get the stains out, white vinegar, stain removals from supermarkets but no results. I was going to throw them out when I remembered I had some Citrus Based Cleaner which had ended up at the back of my cupboard. Unbelieveable, it came out and I have 2 clean white shirts. This cleaner is amazing and is now at the front of my cupboard. Highly recommend!!! Best fabric stain remover ever!!”
    - Joan

  • “Citrus Based Cleaner saved me money! My daughter backed our car into the letterbox and the paint from the letterbox went onto my paint work on my car. My poor daughter was beside herself, however, I said lets get the Citrus. Diluted down I grabed a dry rag and applied the citrus and rubbed with the dry rag and the paint from the letterbox came off! I love this product and use it on everything. Just add water and it works on EVERYTHING”
    - Robyn - Palmerston North

  • “Citrus Based Cleaner is the BEST carpet cleaner I have ever used. We have cats and when they have vomited the Citrus Cleaner brings it all out easily. I totally recommend it! Love it.”
    - Karyn - Christchurch

  • “I've used citrus-based cleaner for all my cleaning chores during the past 1-2 years. This is by far the best that I've come across in the market. In addition to doing a superb job, it is safe, non-toxic and has a refreshing smell. It is NZ made too!!!! Before this product ( I came to know this product at the NZ Fieldays some 2-3 years ago), I've used a large variety bought from various shops not doing a good job. I still have some products that I've purchased earlier that are very weak compared to CBC. I am very serious about selecting the proper products for cleaning jobs.”
    - Anura, Auckland

What Is Citrus Based Cleaner Made Up Of?

Citrus Based Cleaner is a non-hazardous and non-flammable product. It is based upon a natural solvent from orange peel called d-limonene. This helps with the degreasing performance of this organically based product.

Citrus Based Cleaner contains advanced biodegradable surfactants with multiple functionality. The surfactant system is a blend of anionics and nonionics with soils suspension, foaming and emulsifying, properties, plus the ability to couple with an extremely wide ranage of oils and grease.

Citrus Based Cleaner contains an organic hydrotype to ensure the products stability in storage - no seperation will occur - plus a small amount of food grade orange dye to complement the natural orange perfume.